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Throughout the year, the club paddles in two different environments, both on the river and in the pool. In the summer we paddle on the river on Thursday nights, and in the winter on Saturdays in the pool.

There is a weekly charge for coached sessions, currently £6 for your first session in any week and £2 for any subsequent sessions in the same week. Newcomers to the club can have 4 of these sessions before they must decide if they want to join the club. This is to comply with British Canoeing requiremnets for insurance.

For river or pool sessions, booking is usually essential, though we can often cater for newcomers who arrive "on spec" an the river. All courses must be paid for in advance and in person, either at the booking-in desk in the cafe area of the pool during winter sessions or in the boathouse during summer sessions.

To view information about either the pool or river sessions, please click on it's image above.

Pool Sessions

Pool sessions are held in the Ancholme Leisure Centre, Brigg, from October until March.

Sessions weekly and a course is or four or five weeks, depending on the month.

We usually run 2 or 3 sessions during the Saturday evening in the large pool, concentrating on general paddling skills, with activites varying from capsizing and forwards paddling to rescues and support strokes.

These sessions are 50 minutes long, with up to 12 paddlers in each session.

When you arrive at the pool please sign in at the booking-in desk which will be located in the cafe area.

River Sessions

River sessions are held on the River Ancholme from April until September. Sessions usually take the form of structured coaching over a four or six week period and aim to allow the paddler to be attain one of the British Canoeing's paddle awards.

Warm clothing may be needed on the river, depending on the weather. It is best to avoid wearing cotton as it makes you cold when wet. Synthetic materials are preferable such as fleeces or polyester.

A cagoule is also recommended to reduce wind chill and paddlers must wear something on their feet (old trainers, sandals or plimsolls) to stop bare feet coming into contact with dangerous items on the riverbank or in the water.

You will also need to bring a towel and a dry change of clothes as it is likely you will get wet at some point! You are welcome to change in the Leisure Centre.

Hot and cold drinks, sweets etc. are available on the riverbank each Thursday, courtesy of our caterer Jean Chamberlain who turns up every week in all weathers to pander to our needs.

No one is allowed to go on the river until told to do so by a coach